Keith Goodnight at Palo Duro

At Palo Duro Canyon, October 2012

Bigger on the Inside is a blog about whatever happens to come into my head that seems worth an entry, but the main focus is stories, writing, the future history in which my own stories are set, and (as the title gives away) Doctor Who. It is the home, among other things, of my weekly Doctor Who From The Beginning posts that originally started on Facebook.

I’d love to say more about it but right now I’m still just designing the layout, and will have to see what takes shape once it actually gets going. At that point I could come back here and update this “about” page with a better description, but I’ll probably forget.

As for who I am, I’m a native Texan of several generations’ vintage, a distant relative of Charles Goodnight, a science fiction writer, biologist (by education though no longer by trade), home cook, model railroader, and MOBster (but not the kind you’re thinking of unless you’ve heard of the Rice University Marching Owl Band). You can learn about all this, and more, at my main website (see link above).

Meanwhile, unless I still haven’t actually written a post yet, the more interesting stuff is back on the blog’s home page. Enjoy!